About Me

I am a housewife who enjoys cooking. I am however, limited to what I can cook by what my family and friends can or cannot eat.  This challenge inspired me to learn how to adjust my recipes to be friendlier for those who are limited to specific foods, while creating foods that everyone’s pallets can enjoy.  While collecting and adjusting recipes for my household, I found it easier to make a basic “what you need” shopping list as opposed to an entire recipe specific ingredients list.  This list is based on what’s in your cupboard and what you can make with what you already have.  Anyone who has ever cooked will most likely already have the basic “staples” in their cupboard and need not bothered with additional items.  Of course, knowing what’s in your cupboard is a must. 

I am currently in the process of creating a cookbook/system that will be “foodie” friendly and easier for those on the go who want to cook and enjoy their own meals.  I have tried all the ingredients for all the recipes that will be in my cook book and have made it easy to understand what specific ingredients can and cannot be optional for any recipe.  This makes cooking for special those with special or specific diet needs, easier and simpler on you, the cook.

So basically all you need it to know is What’s in your Cupboard and you can then create an elegant meal for everyone.